G.hn Certification Test Equipment. Telebyte Model GHN-SP-UPLC Universal Powerline Communications Splitter isolates PLC signal from AC power and splits to 3 BNC ports. Use as Line Impedance Stability Network (LISN). Designed for G.hn and TR-208 test specifications.

Model GHN-SP-UPLC Universal Power Line Communications Splitter

Provides a controlled AC port to the PLC modem, separates and isolates the high-frequency PLC signal from AC power, and makes it accessible on three BNC ports labeled L1, L2 and L3 with a controlled impedance. 

G.hn Certification Test Equipment. Telebyte Model GHN-SP-SPLCOMB-3 symmetrical power splitter used with Telebyte Model GHN-SP-UPLC.

Model GHN-SP-SPLCOMB-UPLC-3 3-Channel Splitter/Combiner

Symmetrical power splitter and combiner where all the ports have 6 dB attenuation to each other.

Telebyte Model GHN-AT-PROG-UPLC-3-SLOPE. 3-Channel Programmable Attenuator for testing G.hn Power Line Communication (PLC) devices.

Model GHN-AT-PROG-UPLC-3-Slope 3-Channel Programmable Attenuator

Used with the GHN-SP-UPLC in the PSD Measurement test set up. Offers an attenuation range of 1 to 100 dB in 1-dB increments.

Telebyte Model 4902 20 kHz to 300 MHz Universal Noise Generator for Realistic G.hn Testing.

Model 4902 Noise Generator

Noise Testing of G.hn over Twisted Pair Cable, Coax and Power Lines.