Model GHN-SP-UPLC Universal Power Line Communications Splitter

Provides a controlled AC port to the PLC modem, separates and isolates the high-frequency PLC signal from AC power, and makes it accessible on three BNC ports labeled L1, L2 and L3 with a controlled impedance. 

Model GHN-SP-SPLCOMB-UPLC-3 3-Channel Splitter/Combiner

Symmetrical power splitter and combiner where all the ports have 6 dB attenuation to each other.

Model GHN-AT-PROG-UPLC-3-Slope 3-Channel Programmable Attenuator

Used with the GHN-SP-UPLC in the PSD Measurement test set up. Offers an attenuation range of 1 to 127 dB in 1-dB increments.

Model 4902 Noise Generator

Noise Testing of over Twisted Pair Cable, Coax and Power Lines.