Model 4902 Universal Noise Generator


20 kHz to 300 MHz Universal Noise Generator for Realistic Testing
AWGN Dynamic Range-90 dBm/Hz to -160 dBm/Hz in 1dB steps*
Up to 24 Independent Noise Ports technology promises to bring a wealth of new opportunities to Service Providers, Electric Companies and Municipalities as well as manufacturers of Modems, WI-FI Extenders and Chipsets. This exciting new technology allows for a more efficient use of existing copper infrastructure on electrical wiring, twisted pair copper cable or coaxial cable by utilizing the spectrum up to 100 MHz or 200 MHz with Wave 2 devices implementing SISO or MIMO. This increases data rates far beyond current levels, making bandwidth-intensive applications such as IPTV and Triple Play available in many areas where it was not possible before using existing wiring.

User-friendly configuration software allows the user to select and build impairment models common to network implementations. A generous assortment of custom crosstalk as well as impulse noises (e.g., REIN, SHINE and PEIN) can be created. It can also generate a wide variety of interferences from 100kHz to 300 MHz that may impact deployments. These include background Gaussian noise, high frequency impulse noise from the AC electrical wiring (REIN) and other types of impulse noise (PEIN, SHINE & WHINE), FM radio, Broadcast TV, Spark Plug Ignition noise, PLC noise, Reverse Power Feed noise and more. In addition, user-defined files in several formats (such as MATLAB. CSV and Excel) may be imported.

The Model 4902 Universal Noise Generator is available in two versions – portable and rack-mountable. The portable unit provides 2 to 16 independent Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) outputs and includes a keyboard and built-in display. The higher-density version is rack-mountable and may be configured for 2 to 24 independent AWG outputs.

*when using low noise mode injector

Bandwidth 20 kHz to 300 MHz
Suitable for wide range of applications including PLC and Access on twisted pair or coax testing
Crest Factor greater than 5
High degree of accuracy
Expandable, modular design:
-High-density version holds up to 6 (2 or 4-port) AWG cards for a maximum of 24 AWG outputs
-Portable version holds up to 4 (2 or 4-port) AWG cards for a maximum of 16 AWG outputs
Inject crosstalk and impulse noise combined
Noise Floor below -166dBm/Hz (when using low noise mode injector)
Independent control of each AWG output
Select from common crosstalk types such as DSL, specify NEXT, FEXT and number of disturbers
Standardized Impulse noises such as REIN, SHINE, PEIN, and Switching Power Supply noise
Real world measured Impulse noises for
Add in RFI and AWGN (at variable levels)
Specify impedance, sampling rate and DUT location
Optional noise modules setup and run all tests in standard automatically
Design custom twisted pair loops with Loop Configuration Editor
Save custom noise files or entire configurations to repeat tests with ease and accuracy
Import MATLAB (.mat), CSV, or Excel (.xls) noise files
Remote control via Ethernet
Adjust amplitude of Crosstalk and Impulse noise Specific Noise:
-Background Gaussian Noise (Piecewise Flat, Colored)
-High Frequency Impulse Noise (REIN)
-Low Frequency Impulse Noise (PEIN, SHINE)
-PLC Alien Noise
-RFI (FM, Broadcast TV)
-Spark Plug Ignition Noise
-Reverse Power Feed Noise

Model 4902-D4-120 4-Channel Differential Mode Noise Injector

4 channels of independent differential mode noise injection, distributed noise, micro-interrupts and integrated noise combining. Used with Balun that converts RJ-45 100 ohm differential to BNC 50 ohm single-ended signal for PLC noise injection.

4902-2-300-COAX 2-Channel Coax Cable Noise Injector

Model 4902-2-300L-TPD 2-Channel Differential Mode Noise Injector

Used with Balun that converts RJ-45 100 ohm differential to BNC 50 ohm single-ended signal for PLC noise injection.