Headquartered in New York State, USA, Telebyte designs and manufactures Layer 1 test equipment used in a variety of physical layer test applications such as certification testing, rate/reach, qualification, R&D, interoperability, vendor trials and more.

Telebyte offers UPLC/LISN splitters, programmable attenuators, noise generators, test automation switches, and digital analyzers.

Our worldwide customer base includes Service Providers, Equipment Vendors (GAMs/ microDPUs, GNT/CPEs, PLCs), Chipset Vendors, Test Laboratories and Aftermarket/Reverse Logistics Testing companies.

Telebyte’s Other Product Lines

Telco Broadband Test Products: www.telebytebroadband.com
Data Communications Products: www.telebytedatacom.com
Industrial Ethernet Test Products : www.telebyteSPE.com